I am a lecturer at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, where I teach courses in marine ecology, invertebrate zoology, and statistics. I also lead an NSF-funded Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education (https://dimes.stanford.edu) focused on unifying curriculum across marine stations, with the goal of diversifying participation in marine ecology. Here’s my CV.

A list of the courses offered at Hopkins Marine Station can be found here:


Applications for the undergraduate program can be found here:


A bit more info on upcoming courses can be found here. All of my courses are taught in-person at Hopkins Marine Station.

As a lecturer, I do not take graduate students. Please have a look at the list of professors at Hopkins for PhD opportunities.

If you are a Stanford undergraduate student interested in doing ecological research at Hopkins Marine Station, please contact me.

Warming up for a dive at South Monastery (credit: F. Sommer)


elahi at stanford dot edu